Friday, August 11, 2006

Rumi's Mirror

What will you offer Him? What gift is best when He wants for nothing, and the worlds are but dust to Him? Would you carry water to the sea or bring light to the sun? Rumi says, "Bring Him a mirror." But even this is not fitting except that you become the mirror. Surrender to Him what He gave you; your life, your will, all that you are or ever will be. The one who offers this becomes the gift and one with the Giver.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fact and Truth

Science and religion are qualitatively different forms of knowledge. The standards by which religion is judged should not be applied to scientific inquiry, nor should scientific inquiry be applied to religious belief. This is possible by shunning literalism in religion and rejecting finality in science. You weigh gold to determine its value in price. But such scales are useless to measure its worth in human lives. To say that the world's origin according to current science conflicts with the world's origin according to ancient faith is to understand neither science nor faith. To claim that man's origin according to science contradicts man's origin according to religion betrays an assumption of unassailable finality in scientific inquiry and of literal truth in religion. Such assumptions undermine science and mutilate faith.