Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Well of Fathomless Waters

I had a vision of the son of Vayu, Rama's faithful servant, the wisest of his kind. I said, "Immortal Hanuman, how is it that Vishnu granted you immortality? Was it some boon He granted? A wish He fulfilled in exchange for performance of some terrible austerity?

Hanuman answered, "Never for myself did I perform His service or obey His command. On the day that Sita emerged unscathed from the fire, on that glorious golden morning when she was restored to Rama's side, I said, 'Make my prayer a fountain of living waters whereby I may live as long as Your sovereignty endures and make mention of You in every world of Your worlds.'

"Lord Rama redeemed my promise and fulfilled my prayer. If I seem alive to you today, it is not for myself, but is because there is not a moment when His name and His praise is not on my lips."

I said, "His love is your well of fathomless waters, the vault of endless treasures, your heart of eternal life."

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